Summer Survival

Despite these past few nights of [glorious! 65 degrees!] cooler weather, it’s Summer in Tampa. One day I could run outside, and breathe – the next, I couldn’t step outside my door without being instantly covered in a film of humidity. This time around, I’m determined to find simple, effective products to help me enjoy the summer while working with the humidity – here’s what I’ve found, so far…


Goal: To get off the aluminum-containing underarm stuff & find something natural, but effective.

Tried: Almost every natural deodorant at the drugstore. Not to mention DIY deodorant, but to be honest – I make a lot of things myself & just wanted deodorant to be something I didn’t have to make.

What worked: Primal Pit Paste – I did not have high hopes, admittedly, since every other “natural” deodorant I tried turned out to be worse than not wearing any at all. The first one I tried was the lemonade-scented kid’s paste & after a 1hr+ midday bike ride through a local trail, the stuff didn’t even flinch. I was floored, and happy – so I ordered the strong version in lavender & the stick version in spice (which is my favorite!). With any deodorant, but especially all-natural ones, the trick is simple: odor is caused by bacteria making contact with air, so to get the best results, make sure you apply to clean underarms. The bonus? Primal Pit Paste is a Tampa company (yay)!

Goal: Florida summer humidity is a bear, and your skin can freak out – I wanted to find something that would soothe/ detox, naturally.

Tried: Too many to list – clay, mud, berries… you know how it goes.

What worked: (DIY!) Indian Healing Clay + Raw Apple Cider Vinegar mask. This thing is amazing – it warms up after you apply it and as it dries, it tightens everything up. The increased bloodflow to your skin gives you a healthy glow, and it helps ease swelling on any inflamed spots, soaks up excess oil, and just gives your face a good “restart”. I found the recipe here, along with a ton of other uses for Indian Healing Clay. (note: this isn’t a mask you can make a batch of and use incrementally, it doesn’t keep well at all – so only make what you’ll immediately be using! Also, don’t mix this in a metal container, or using metal utensils)

Goal: To end my fight with shaving/ waxing irritation (bumps & ingrowns), for good.

Tried: Different after-shave/ wax sprays & lotions, exfoliation + heavy duty moisturizing.

What worked: Skin Tight Razor Bump Ointment. My skin hates shaving, which means every shaving experience is torture followed by inflamed bumps/ stinging/ fist-shaking at the gods. Waxing is less traumatic, but it’s time consuming, and during the summer I’d like to be able to just shave quickly and be out the door without my legs looking like they got in a losing match with the razor. After a lot of research, I purchased a small bottle of Skin Tight to try – it stings, don’t get me wrong – but it WORKS. Not just that, but it has a few uses, including quickly taming down red/ inflamed blemishes (which makes sense, since it’s basically a high concentration of aspirin – so btw, if you’re allergic to aspirin: DO NOT USE THIS), and treating keloid scars. (note: this stuff works by power-exfoliating, so much like the reviews say: use gloves, or your hands will dry out)

Thoughts? Ideas? Tips?

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