Stars & Stripes Hoodie Refashion Tutorial

A couple of months ago, I came across this sweatshirt on Pinterest. Unable to find the source, I kept the image around because I thought it would be a pretty easy DIY:

photo 1 (8)

Via Pinterest (if anyone knows where this is originally from, let me know so I may credit the proper source).

A few weeks ago, I finally went through with my DIY idea and it (miraculously enough) worked! So… I won’t keep babbling and just let you know how:


Stars (options)


Stars: Stenciling, Cutting, Placement




Review Design & Spray Paint



And, the finished product (I’m too lazy to take a better shot at the moment):




DIY Fabric Spray Paint Tutorial

8 thoughts on “Stars & Stripes Hoodie Refashion Tutorial

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    • I used a mixture of Tulip Fabric Spray Paint (I purchased the Party Pack) and fabric spray paint I made myself so I could make it a little more opaque.

      The Tulip Fabric Spray Paint is available at Wal Mart, Michaels (& likely Amazon):
      I made my own fabric spray paint using this method:

      Have fun :)

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