DIY Embellished Minnetonkas

[Quick way to embellish your moccasins!]

This one’s quick!

What you’ll need:

– Moccasins

– Ribbon/ Trim of your choice

– Fabric & leather adhesive

– Scissors

What to do:

1. Take ribbon and place it around the area you want to attach it to in order to measure out how much you’ll need – allow about 1 inch extra in order to fold ends in to keep them from fraying, and cut the amount of ribbon you need. Do this on both shoes.

2. Place ribbon on area you’re attaching it to once more, and mark where you will be able to fold each end in – it is easier to fold each end & glue it down prior to attaching it to the shoes.

3. Once you’ve marked both sides of each piece of ribbon/ trim, place a line of glue along the “wrong side” of each end of the ribbons (the shorter end, where you cut) and fold it along the mark you made, press down to make sure it bonds.

4. On the “wrong side” of each piece, draw a line of glue along the middle, down the length of the ribbon.

5. Match this line of glue to the top edge of the moccasin, in small increments to ensure you are placing the ribbon correctly (this glue dries fairly quickly and is very strong, so mistakes are a little tougher to correct).

6. Once you have the ribbon attached along the top of the moccasin, begin securing the outside and the inside lengths of ribbon by flipping them up to show the “wrong side”, dabbing with glue, and pressing them down to bond them with the moccasin.

7. Once you’ve done this to both shoes, you’re done!

*Glue residue is normal, don’t freak out like I did – b/c I found out later that it basically just gets rubbed off on its own w/ wear.

Not for you? Here are a few other ways to personalize your moccasins:

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