WTF Am I doing?! Using a long loom to knit an (easy!) infinity scarf



I couldn’t [easily] find a tutorial on using a long loom to knit an infinity scarf,

so here are the fruits of my trial & error…



What I used:

Loops & Threads Knit Quick Long Loom Set (14 in)

Loops & Threads Cozy Wool in Golden Rod (3 Skeins)

– Not a crochet hook (I used the loom hook included in the kit, but if you want to use a crochet hook for the last few steps, feel free! Because everything I read through hailed the crochet hook as the easier way…I will try this next time)

– The how-to guide included in the long loom set  (I’d like to go on record to state that the only thing worse than bare-minimum knitting instructions, are bare-minimum instructions with each step translated into two additional languages, so you’re not sure if you’re skipping over French instructions or just a scramble of English words and numbers that you can’t comprehend)

– A basic E-Wrap (EW) aka Double-Knit 8 stitch (I didn’t know this until I researched it, thanks how-to guide!)

How To Knit An Infinity Scarf Using A Long Loom

Step 1:

Learn how to use the long loom using the twisted knit stitch, and repeat this stitch to form a long scarf

Knit Using A Long Loom – Twisted Knit Stitch

Seeing as I don’t want to cause anyone unnecessary confusion & anxiety, here are a couple of links on how to knit using a long loom – both for those who learn by diagram, and by video (or a mix of both):

– Video: Loom Knit Stitch: Double Knit 8 or EW or Twisted Knit (via GoodKnitKisses)

– Instructions w/ Diagrams: Learn Along 1: Casting On – Learning Loom Knitting – I can’t express how great it is to have her diagrams handy to help get a clear idea of what you’re doing (via Daylilies)

This is the only stitch you’ll need to know, after you’ve knitted until your scarf is long enough for you – you will need to learn/ do two more things:

– How to Cast Off (finish so it won’t unravel)

– How to Loom Knit Panels Together (to connect both ends and make it an infinity scarf)

Step 2:

Deciding how long you want your scarf to be, and then binding it off

How long should my scarf be? (When can I stop knitting?)

– For desired look, you should knit until you have knitted at least 48″ (4 ft) of scarf (goes by a lot faster than you’d think, especially if you use this time to watch all the backed up shows taking up space on your dvr).

– But this is entirely up to YOU (!) – while you’re knitting, just drape what you’ve completed around your neck & shoulders to gauge how far along you are/ how much longer you’d like to make it.

How to Cast Off A Double-Knit 8 Stitch:

1. Loom Knit cast off a twisted knit or single rib stitch (via GoodKnitKisses)

2. Diagram/ Instructions: Knifty Knitter Rectangle Loom Instructions – the bind off instructions are toward the end of the document (via Provocraft.com)

Step 3:

Decide if you want to add a twist & then knit the ends of the scarf together to form a big circle

The Twist

– A variation of the circular infinity scarf is done by laying your scarf out on the floor,  taking the right end of your scarf, and twisting it so the part that was facing up, is now facing the floor (twisting it 180 degrees), you then stitch the ends together so your otherwise circular scarf now resembles a Möbius strip.

– A great visual (and diagram! You know me & diagrams) can be found Here (via Weekend Designer)

How to Loom Knit Panels Together

(In this case, you’ll be connecting the shorter, opposite ends of your scarf to form one big circle)

1. Stitch or Sew: Loom Knit Panels Together Invisible Seam for Blanket or scarf (via GoodKnitKisses)

2. I found this one clearer, since the yarn used wasn’t as fluffy: Sewing Double-Knit Patterns Together (via Knittingmuse)

(Congrats – you’re done!)

Not sure how you want to wear it?

Here’s some inspiration


Thoughts? Ideas? Tips?

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