WTF Am I Doing?! Loom Knitting Edition

To Infinity Scarves and BEYOND!

This holiday I decided to seriously undertake making all [okay, for the sake of transparency: 99%] of  the gifts I give (no, REALLY this year) – after taking a survey of my top gift recipients: turns out, people like knitted things. Hats, infinity scarves, hand-warmers… sweaters [speaking of sweaters: NOT happening right now, I’m getting hives just thinking about it – given my current situation].

Speaking of my Current Situation:

… it deals with the above holiday gift-giving ambitions, and my recent loom discovery… oh, and my struggle for two straight nights to pay attention to instructional videos long enough to at least get through one phase of the loom-knitting process without fearing I’m doing a lot of work only to find out later that I have to unravel most of it in order to make something I can gift with a clear conscience.

Oh, and did I mention I have a deadline hovering around the second week of December for most of it? Anyway.

Below, my journey to learning to loom knit – via blog tutorials & YouTube video links:

We begin on Pinterest, on the board dedicated to gift ideas for my best friend: HERE

Which led me to search out “loom knitting” on Pinterest: HERE

Of course, I clicked on the first pretty picture I saw, which took me HERE

This is where it gets blurry – somehow, I wound up on YouTube – and tried to find a video I could follow, which led me to the GoodKnitKisses Channel, and her Loom Knit Basics video  HERE [I watched parts 1 & 2]

Feeling overconfident, but still having no clue how to cast-on, I click on what I thought was another of her videos, and wound up HERE – and somehow, Joccy101 reached through my thick skull and taught me how to cast on using a circular loom!

…and then I figured out that I was using yarn that was far too thin:

On the upside: I learned which yarn not to use.

Some unraveling, and thicker yarn later – I am successfully casting on stitches to my loom.

Next up: How to knit a brim.


– I actually FINISHED the slouch hat and it is AWESOME. [insert surge of crafting confidence here]

– For those who prefer written + photo tutorials as opposed to YouTube videos, here’s a good loom knitting hat tutorial.


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